In the United States, the spring season began and here in Brazil, autumn began. During these summer months, in addition to being quite hot, we had a very rainy period that brought with it numerous disorders in many cities in Brazil, including flooding.

Now that period has calmed down and the intense heat remains, we will wait a few days to have a colder temperature.

This mild climate has enabled the arrival of our signal here in Brazil with great quality, and we have received several emails, and Whatsapp messages from our listeners.


Foto: Agencia Brasil EBC

I want to highlight some like José Aurélio who said in his email:

It is with great joy that I write my first “Reception Report” and I am very happy for having listened to an excellent program with a Christian message of personal and spiritual growth, on Radio Palavra Alegre,with daily broadcasts , in Portuguese, on the frequency of 9765 KHz, in the time from 21:00 to 23:00 UTC. I’m new to the shortwave radio listening hobby and hope to learn a lot about this activity by listening to radio waves. José Aurelio do Carmo

We also received contact via whatsapp from Flairan from the city of Goiás, central west of Brazil, he found out about our Radio through a radio search on a Sunday, and he said:

I really like listening to the radio and today walking through the dial I discovered the Palavra Alegre in 31 meters, Glory to God for the station. Now that I discovered your radio I am always going to listen. I ask you , don´t stop this work with short waves.

Finally, we also received contact from Jorge Raúl Ocegueda from the city of Tepic – Mexico:

I am pleased to write to inform you that I tune into your “Palavra Alegre” radio station. The transmission was to my complete satisfaction. I tell you that one of my hobbies is listening to distant radio stations, especially medium wave and short wave radio stations, and I am very interested in knowing more about the music, culture, customs and current events of the countries.

I’m 62 years old, I’m a supervising teacher at secondary schools and in my spare time, whenever I can, I dedicate myself to tuning in to the radio waves, a hobby I’ve been practicing for 31 years. To carry out my listening I use a portable receiver from the brand SANGEAN ATS909X, and the antenna is of the telescopic type built-in, and a wire of 20 meters in length. Jorge Raúl Ocegueda Robles

In our schedule, we continue with the translations and recordings of the Encounter with God series by Gayle Crowe, in addition to the series What you love, with Ivan Gonçalves every Sunday.

In addition to these series, we continue with the History of Israel series, with Allen Dutton Jr, a very rich series, detailing every aspect of the history of the people of Israel from the exit from Egypt to the promised land.

A novelty is that, since March, we have a new special theme, Health Tips, with Nutritionist Erika Meira. She holds a Masters in Health Sciences and has extensive experience in autoimmune and metabolic diseases. Her participation will always be on Sundays with other insertions throughout the week.

Finally, this month we ware going to have our annual Benefit Dinner. Join us on April 20th. Reservations can be made by emailing mainoffice@worldchristian.org or calling 615 371 8707 ext. 100. Great start to spring for those living in the north and great autumn for those living in the south. God bless you all.