Once again we start a new year by thanking God for the great year He has given us. Thanks for another year of Rádio Palavra Alegre, which has been reaching Portuguese-speaking countries and also the whole world, whether on shortwave, the app or the website.

On the 14th of November we held the raffle for the 4th anniversary of Rádio Palavra Alegre. We did the draw through a live on our Facebook. The gifts were: 1 radio set, and the winner was Ester Dionisio, from São Paulo. We also drew 2 Books by Antonio Argolo, Radio Images and the winners were Wesley Loose and Marcos Feliciano and lastly 3 Radio shirts and the winners were Gad Gomes, Francisco Ronaldo and Renan Aragão.

The promotion for the 4th anniversary was really good because we managed to get a hundred listeners to participate by sending e-mails, entering our website and sending messages via cell phone.

Happy New Year

Taking advantage of our reach during this promotion we got contacts from several regions of Brazil and also the world, Charles Rodrigues from the city of Valencia in Spain, he is Brazilian from the city of Rio de Janeiro and he moved to Spain a few years ago and he told us:

Hello my name is Charles I live in Valencia, the third most populous city in Spain. I am in love with old radios and I collect some here, most of which were at my mother’s house in Rio de Janeiro. But here I also have some pretty significant ones here. I’ve also been building shortwave radios since the 1990s. I’m 45 and an electrical and telecommunications technician.

We also got contact from the south of Brazil, Linkon Kosmala and he told us about him and his short wave history:

I’ve been visiting the “palavraalegre” website and its history up to the present day.

We must continue and spread the good news, which at the same time faces various barriers, political, technological and the atmosphere itself, for its transmission.

I am passionate about broadcasting in AM (OM and OC). I love old and modern radios too, in fact any device that can receive this transmission because the path taken by the radio waves is something magical for me, and all the natural interference that comes along with it.

I always liked tinkering with radios, in fact (I ruined radios, destroyed them) I even disassembled the capacitors, to try to understand how all this was possible, until today I remember the radios that I disassembled, I wanted to have them again,

this in the early 90’s.

At that time, I wasn’t even aware of the acronym DX, and my preference was for OM stations, those with very low power that I could only capture at night.

But I noticed that foreign radio stations also broadcast in Portuguese, and then it became more interesting, remembering that at that time I didn’t have access to the internet, and it was very good

In 2017 I captured the radiant waves, from the station “La voz Alegre” 08/19/2017 at 00:00 (gospel music) The frequency was around 6230 kHz, and I couldn’t capture it again.

His past programming at that time was very similar to that of “Palavra Alegre”.

Even when I caught the sign of “Palavra Alegre” I thought it could be “la voz alegre”.

On 09/24/2022 I had my first contact with Palavra Alegre, and I was surprised to learn that its transmission was being made from the island of Madagascar (Madagascar World Voice).

For me, it’s one of the special stations that I’m very fond of, I’m listening to it every day, between shower interference and electronic lamps, but anyway, I always listen to it a little.

I’m glad that Ondas Curtas is firm and propagating the message.

I also want to welcome to this WGO Sang Yang, new producer of World Christian Broadcasting for Korean, may God give him knowledge and God’s spirit to preach God’s message to all who speak and understand the language. Korean starts this January.

I also want to encourage everyone to visit the WCB website and learn a little about the Which language touches your heart campaign? Visit: www.palavraalegre.com.br

Finally, I want to wish everyone a great start to the year, may it be a blessed year for all of us and may we all be able to speak of God’s love and message through the radio and also through our lives.