From the beginning of May until the present moment, the South of Brazil has experienced vivid and very complicated moments, due to heavy rains, many rivers and lakes flooded, leaving many cities completely flooded and with thousands of people homeless, countless missing, families who lost everything who conquered and some also their lives.


The capital Porto Alegre also suffered from this natural disaster. One of the main lakes that crosses the city overflowed, reaching the city center and neighborhoods close to the lake. As a result, thousands of homeless people and people who will need to rebuild their lives after the waters recede.


I ask everyone to pray for these families who live in the south and that we can always do what we can to help our neighbors.

South Brazil - Carlos Fabal:AFP

Regarding our programming, last month we started a series on Spiritual Growth with Allen Dutton Jr and we are continuing with this theme during the month of June and probably July. We also continue with devotionals for women with Gisele Stefan.

As a new addition, we have a new collaborator who is Thalita Correa, she is a physiotherapist and brings health and well-being tips every week. In our last recordings she talked about taking care of the body and also about taking care of our hearts.

Danilo Nonato is one of our collaborators and has been talking about the world of short waves, always interviewing participants who have been listening to the radio for years. One of the participants and also a frequent listener of our station is Antônio Argolo. Antônio has a Master’s degree in Design, Culture and Interactivity and is a teacher. In his last participation he spoke about our program in Portuguese and said the following:

I discover when I turn on the radio and I can hear a radio coming from so far away… it was gratifying to find in 2018 Rádio Palavra Alegre from Madagascar, Africa when it started broadcasting in Portuguese, with Palavra Alegre the religious tune offered a new shortwave programming concept. In addition to studies, biblical reading and good Christian music, it also addresses relevant topics to improve the quality of life of its listeners.”

Ruben Guilhermo from Argentina also wrote to us and said:

Thank you very much Romulo. I am very happy to hear Palavra Alegre. I also hear it in Spanish as La Voz Alegre. Very happy to know that I received a new QSL from the station. May God bless you richly!

Finally, we continue to update our applications with daily programs, monthly WGO articles and our series. André Magaldi has also done very important art and dissemination work on our social networks. May God bless everyone and a great summer for those in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as a good winter for everyone in the Southern Hemisphere. Remember to pray for Brazil and especially for the cities in the south of the country.

God bless You