WGO- March 2022

The month of March for me is really a very special month. It’s special because on the 28th of March I celebrate the 4th anniversary of my inclusion in the World Christian Broadcasting team. I am really happy to be part of this great team that has a single purpose. Preach about Jesus to this world. I am happy for the confidence of Forrest Gates, Andy Baker and Gayle Crowe who believed that I am able to be part of this team. Thank you all.

The month of March is also special, as it is also the anniversary of our Madagascar World Voice station. Sixth anniversary of our station in the African region. We thank all the team that is there, always doing the best work. Let´s continue to pray for Madagascar and also for our MWV station, which in recent months has experienced several problems caused by cyclones and storms.


Another good news is that we started an online study through zoom with Italo Moreira. He lives in a city called Valinhos in the interior of the State of São Paulo. In addition, he has been listening to Radio for a few years and has been putting a lot of effort into his studies.

Italo also sent us this letter that says a little about him:

Hello my name is Italo Moreira from the city of Valinhos, São Paulo. I started to practice radio listening 4 years ago, through Danilo Notato’s channel, which also participates in Rádio DX, a program on Rádio Palavra Alegre (Happy Word).

I really like to listen to Rádio Palavra Alegre on short waves and my history with the radio is very cool, as I remember it to this day. It was late afternoon and I was in a square near my house. I was there with my radio on when I unexpectedly managed to tune in to Radio Palavra Alegre.

Italo Estudo

Italo continues to follow our schedule and recently told his friends about our program. Also, on a Sunday they listened to the radio together. One of his friends, Marcelo Pera, is now also one of our listeners.

Another good news is that our site has been updated almost daily with new audio and content for our listeners. This March, a new series is now available called Conversions of the Book of Acts with our partner Anderson Maestri. In addition to these, we continue with two others available; Steps to Salvation and Dare to Love.

Finally, let us celebrate such a blessed month that God is giving us, always remembering to give thanks and always remembering what he says in 1 Corinthians 2:9: