During the second half of February, we started a new series entitled, You are what you love, with the participation of Ivan Gonçalves, one of our collaborators. We are living in a world where the love of money, material goods and also the love of oneself has dominated people. In this new series, the purpose of the lesson is to call the listener’s attention back to true love – God, and to introspect as well as self-evaluation about how deep we have loved God.

Ivan Gonçalves is a Bible scholar, Christian and has always helped us with great lessons, including other content that we recorded together, called Life with Purpose.

Romulo-Ivan Gonçavels

In the Life with Purpose studies, in addition to audio that we use in our broadcasts, we also produce video content. This material was used on our social networks such as Youtube, facebook and Instagram.

Another series that we have continued is with Angelo Souza, whose theme is: These are Good News. In this series we give a Biblical overview of Jesus’ saving message, who he is, his purpose and how to enter the Kingdom, focusing on the importance of baptism and remaining in Christ.

We also continue to receive several contacts from our listeners, in the last few days we have received some contacts that I want to highlight. The first by Renato André who lives in the northeast of Brazil. Last year he was baptized after studying with us and taking a personal Bible course online via zoom. He sent that he is well and has been participating in the Christian community in his region assiduously. In October of last year, we also recorded a series with him about accessibility, since Renato is visually impaired.

Another listener I want to highlight is Raul Alfonso, he is a frequent listener of our program and has always listened to us, but the detail is that he is Colombian and lives in Canada, more precisely in the city of Levis- Quebec. His mother tongue is Spanish but he can understand some things in Portuguese, and we also use acapella songs in Spanish in our daily schedule.

Finally, March is also special as we celebrate another anniversary of our station in Madagascar – Madagascar World Voice. Now celebrating its 7th. year. Congratulations MWV, and God bless all the people who live there including our team in the country. I want to ask for everyone’s prayers, especially after the cyclone that hit the city in the last week of February. God bless you all !