During this last month we got two more souls for Jesus. Through the baptism of Andryw
and Alice. Andryw is a young man who was baptized when was a teenager, now decided to study again and understood that during that time his baptism was done without proper knowledge and for wrong reasons. So he decided to baptize again.

Alice is also a young woman and after studying personally with Angelo Cristo, our collaborator, decided to get baptized too. She currently lives in southern Brazil.

Batismo Amanda-Andryll

Also during the month of April we had the privilege of sending QSL cards to several countries around the world. Among the countries sent we highlight Italy, Ukraine, Spain, China, Uruguay, Colombia, Canada and Mexico.

Our listener from Mexico Jorge Ocegueda Robles told us:
I am pleased to write to inform that I have tuned into your radio station Palavra Alegre. The transmission has my complete satisfaction. I would like tell you that one of my hobbies is listening to distant radio stations, especially medium and short waves, and I am very interested in knowing more about music, culture, customs and country news.

I am 62 years old, I am a supervising teacher of secondary schools and in my spare time,
Whenever I can, I dedicate myself to tuning in to the radio waves, a hobby I’ve been practicing for 31 years.

To carry out my listening I use a portable receiver from the brand Sangean ATS909X, and the antenna is built-in telescopic type.

From Brazil came the e-mail from José Aurélio who lives in the Northeast, more precisely in city of João Pessoa in Paraíba, and he told us:

It is with great joy that I make my first “Reception Report” and I am even more happy because I listened to an excellent program with a Christian message of personal and spiritual aggrandizement, on Radio Palavra Alegre, which broadcasts daily, in Portuguese, on the frequency of 9,765 KHz, from 21:00 to 23:00 UTC. I’m a beginner in the short wave radio listening hobby and I hope to learn much about this activity by listening to the radio waves.

During Easter we also made a series of insertions on Facebook and Instagram talking about what Easter is and how it relates to us today. we had the participation and reach of more than 40 thousand people in our social networks.


Finally, in April I had the opportunity to meet Célio Romais in person. He was passing through the city where I live and we had the opportunity to have a coffee together and we talked about shortwave. Célio is a civil servant and radio lover since his youth. He lives in the south of Brazil, more precisely in Rio Grande do Sul.

In addition to being a regular listener of our programs, Célio also participates in our transmissions on Saturdays within Rádio Dx, a segment that talks about radio listening and dexism. He always brings news about new broadcasts, about promotions on radios and also new listens.

God bless you all!!