We start the month of May by thanking everyone who participated, donated and got involved in organizing our charity lunch and dinner. We know it’s not easy and It takes time, but everything was done with great care. Thank you to everyone on our team in Franklin and other locations. God is good and we just have to be grateful.

May is also the month to celebrate the birthday of our president Andy Baker, happy birthday Andy and may God continue to bless you richly, thank you for all work and commitment to the work of Christ.

Regarding our broadcasts, we want to highlight that we started a new series about Baptism with Nilton Barreto from northeastern Brazil. Nilton is a Bible teacher at Salvador – BA and has done a great job with various Bible themes. He together with other brothers from the northeast created a series with different lessons called Let the Bible Talk.

Andys birth

We started the series with baptism, but we will have many others on the plan of salvation, discipleship, sin and much more. Our series on the History of Israel has concluded. Allen Dutton Jr helped us with this excellent series, throughout these months and last week we finished this topic. Now we will begin a new series titled Spiritual Growth.

We continue with the Encounters with Jesus series by Gayle Crowe, a series that We translated from English and adapted it for our audience in Portuguese. It really has been great lessons.

On Sundays we have our children’s series with Belize Patricia. Child-friendly and intuitive themes that meet the needs of our children, sharpening their imagination and creating an interest in the Bible in them.

During the month of April we received several emails and text messages on cell phones from our listeners. We received contacts from Brazil, China, Philippines, Japan, Spain, Argentina and several other countries. I want to highlight the emails received from Ding Lu from China, he said:

“I love your programs, both in Portuguese and Chinese, and also in others languages. That’s why I write emails to your station every month. I’m happy with the enthusiasm and interest you respond to my email. That’s why I really value the time I have to interact and communicate with you.”

John Zachary Alvarez from Philippines said:

I received and listened to your station, Madagascar World Voice in Brazilian Portuguese on 9765 kHz (Programa Palavra Alegre). I’m monitoring your station yesterday between 10pm and 11pm UTC. I realized that the programming of the “ Programa Palavra Alegre” are Christian music, conversational and inspiring (biblical story). The signal was generally good here in the Philippines.

I will always listen to the Palavra Alegre Program(on Madagascar World Voice) every week or occasionally.

We really have to thank God for the reach of our transmissions and ask God to increase every day and that more and more people can convert and turn their hearts to God. May God bless you all and have a great month of May to all.

Stay with God