We closed the month of October celebrating the 5th anniversary of our broadcasts in Portuguese. Truly a reason to celebrate. As stated in the previous article and for those who didn’t have the opportunity to read it, I want to reinforce how much we have advanced in these 5 years.

Today we have a website that has our series, daily programs, news about our broadcasts. Furthermore, we have a very well created application with various features such as Bible series, daily programs, devotional and daily verses, a version of the Bible and much more! We are even working to update new series.

Today we have daily programming on Alexa Brasil with our program in Portuguese, but also in all 7 other languages through the link http://worldchristian.airtime.pro/ created by Amado Abenojar.

In addition to all this, we completed 1 month of broadcasting our programs on a Local FM Radio with a reach of 1.5 million listeners. The Radio comes from a community project and has an App in addition to cover 4 cities in the metropolitan region and a part of Belo Horizonte. Our initial intention was to have 30 minutes a day from Monday to Saturday, but we managed to get 1 hour a day from Monday to Saturday. Let’s celebrate this achievement!

We are still continuing with our 5th anniversary promotion, in December we will draw 2 radio sets and shirts from Radio Palavra Alegre. We also have a promotional sticker created by one of our listeners, Antonio Argolo, and the artwork gifted to us to create the shipping sticker.

We continue with our series on History of Israel with Allen Dutton Jr, with our recorded series with Forrest Gates and Brad Hurrub on Christian Evidence and translating and recording the Encontros Com Jesus series written by Gayle Crowe.

We continue to receive responses from different parts of Brazil and the world and I want to highlight some emails and WhatsApps received.

Antonio Francisco Junior from northeastern Brazil said: I am very happy to receive the QSL card for the 40th anniversary of KNLS. I’m emotional about this because it’s very important for me to receive this gift.

Vanderson Duque. He says:

Hello friends of the Palavra Alegre program, I’m in touch to inform you about my listening to the program that aired last Wednesday night. Listen to this one performed in Rio de Janeiro. I congratulate you on producing the program, which is a great source of information and deepening of faith. Big hug and remain firm in this purpose.

Finally, Andre Magaldi has created and produced the arts for our Facebook and Instagram and we are growing every day with more and more followers in addition to various engagements in our publications. We are really happy with this development on social media.

May God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.