The month of September in Brazil is known as the month of flowers, because in this month, here in the southern part of the world, spring begins. In addition, on the 7th, we also celebrate the Independence of Brazil, therefore an important holiday in our country.

While we are talking about the beginning of a new season and celebration, I want to take this opportunity to talk about the beginning of a new segment in our program. So, starting this month, we are starting a segment on Sundays aimed at our children’s audience.

Thinking about how we could reach this audience, we contacted Belize Patricia, who lives in the northeast of Brazil. Belize has a YouTube channel called Escola Bíblica Diversão, aimed at children. She uses playful and fun ways to tell about God and his love.


After talking with Belize, she agreed to help us with these recordings, so we can count on our programming grid, with a moment destined for children. In addition, we will start at a good time, because next month, October, children’s day is celebrated here in Brazil.

Also in September, we continue the Bem Estar Saúde programs with Isabel Dante, talking about anxiety, its symptoms and possibilities for treatment.

On our Facebook and Instagram we have had a very large growth in access to our content. Andre Magaldi, has been helping us with posts and artwork on our social media platforms. In these last few months we have had 595,450 people reached.

In the month of August we sent over 100 QSL cards with the commemorative photo of the 40th anniversary of KNLS showing the antennas in Alaska. We also send over 20 QSLs via email.

Together with Danilo Nonato, our collaborator in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, we had the incredible opportunity to put our daily programs on Alexa. We have been using the link created by Amado Abenojar http://worldchristian.airtime.pro/ to relay on Alexa.

The interesting thing is that although the command is “Alexa play Radio Palavra Alegre” which is our program in Portuguese, in fact, it plays our programming with the 8 languages ​​throughout the day!! Rádio Palavra Alegre, in Portuguese, is available at 7 PM Brasilia time (capital of Brazil).

Finally, this month we started the vignettes talking about our 5th anniversary that will be celebrated at the end of October and also about the promotion and drawing that we will do for our listeners in the month of December. 2 radio sets will be raffled off and also 2 books talking about the history of short waves, a book by Antonio Argolo called Radio Images.

May God bless you all and have a great month of September