Last month I talked a little about the floods in southern Brazil. Well, the heavy rains have stopped but some cities are still very affected. The population has been trying to return to normality even though they know it will take a while for everything to be restored. From now on there are months without rain, during this period it is necessary to develop preventive measures and better prepare cities and citizens for the intense rainy season that begins in September. Please continue to pray for the south.

Regarding our programming, we continue translating and recording Gayle Crowe’s series on Encounters with God and this month we begin with the translation and recording of the series President Andy Baker’s Words for You.

We continue to update our app with new series and daily programs. We are working to have the Lumo series on our app in the coming months, so stay tuned!!

During the month of July we included studies on baptism with Nilton Barreto in our broadcasts. This series is made up of several lessons clarifying important questions such as, Why baptize, Who can receive baptism? and What is baptism for?

André Magaldi has contributed to the maintenance of our social networks, creating creative arts and also running promotions. Last month, we started a campaign inviting our listeners and social media followers to start an Online Bible Study. This campaign resulted in 6 ongoing studies.

Jaqueline, who lives in Bahia, has already started studying and our co-worker Angelo Cristo has been studying with her weekly, always on Mondays. We hope and pray that she will be converted and that she will be a follower of Jesus calling others too.

Franz Tuayar

The other contacts who accepted the Bible study are defining the best day and time to start, in the meantime we continue our campaign.

We continue to respond to our listeners from all over Brazil and around the world. Listener Franz Tuayar sent via WhatsApp what our program has been like for him:

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to listen to Rádio Palavra Alegre, always bringing words of Wisdom and Love that Jesus Christ gives us daily.”

Antonio Argolo, our frequent listener and writer of books on shortwave also said:

Palavra Alegre gave its broadcasts in Portuguese a makeover through Ondas Curtas. I really like the religious programming and the variety of themes presented, which sets it apart from other stations of its kind.

Brazil lost a lot with the migration and closure of ShortWave stations. Only now is the current government trying to restore Rádio Nacional’s energy to reach the population affected by the flood in the south of the country. Radio continues to be an important communication tool for reaching people where other media are lacking. “

We continue to send promotional stickers for the 5 years of our programming, correspondence courses and also the new QSL to our listeners.

Finally, this month we celebrate another anniversary of KNLS and our broadcasts in Alaska. God bless everyone who is directly connected there and also everyone on our team. Have a great July everyone!