What’s going on? September 2021

The month of August was really a very busy month and with several events where we saw the hand of God working and
propelling us in this great work of God to speak to the people of the Love of God.

I want to start with an email I received from a guy named Eliseu Barbosa who lives in Rondônia. He lived for many years on the banks of the Amazon River, in the Amazon Forest. He works with artistic painting and told us:

“The short wave is very important in northern Brazil. I lived in a place that had no internet and we had only short wave there. I lived in areas on the banks of the Amazon River. I am an artist painter. I listen to your program. The short wave cannot end.”

I’ve also been talking to some listeners from the northeast of Brazil and in this month of September I am going to have the opportunity to meet them in person. Renato Andre, who is visually impaired, has learned a lot through the audios and our program’s practical lessons on how to become a Christian and the importance of being baptized. Besides him we also have Bruno, also visually impaired, and Ezra that was Radio escuta (listener) to Voz Cristiana radio in the 2000s. These more than 6 listeners are going to be at this meeting that takes place later this month if God permits.

In August I also received photos of listeners who participated in our live segment about drug rehabilitation. They were immensely happy with the books they received. As mentioned in the previous article we made a live segment with Vicente Barbosa who is responsible for the project LIBERTOS which deals with people from drug addiction but who are looking for recovery. He has already written 2 books, one called Libertos and 30 Days of Sobriety. Vicente’s work has reached many lives and families and is fully voluntary, as Vicente lives only on voluntary donations.

We also did two other live segments this last month, one with Fernanda Silva, talking about Challenges to Love, aimed at women as well as men. Fernanda had already recorded 40 audios talking about the topic and that aired on our programming and social networks. The last live we did was with Dr Rodrigo Aguilar with the theme Vaccines and the Future of Post-Pandemic Society. These two live segments on Social Media reached more than 1,000 people and are growing every day. Once they are made, they will be available on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for later access.

Another great event was the baptism of the mother of our collaborator João D ́Arc Grangeiro. His mother Nilce Grangeiro was baptized at the end of July and that event was a source of great happiness for all of us at Palavra Alegre (Happy Word) and also from the whole family. But unfortunately Mrs. Nilce was hospitalized, diagnosed with cancer, this August and died at the end of the month. This news came to us with mixed joy because she was converted to Christ but at the same time with a regret for our beloved brother and collaborator João D ́Arc, for the loss of his mother. We ask everyone to pray for him and his family.

Finally, the Bible tells us in Revelation 2:10 in the second part of the verse: “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” Also in Matthew 24:13 which says: “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.”

This is our target and we want all our listeners to reach, persevere until the end to to be saved. Mrs. Nilse persevered and reached the end. She is there to inherit the kingdom that Jesus prepared. May we do the same!