A few weeks ago, spring began in the United States and the northern hemisphere, the days are more flowery and the temperature is more pleasant. In Brazil and the southern hemisphere we begin autumn, a period in which the leaves from the trees fall and so do the temperatures. An important event in April will be the Annual Benefit Lunch and Dinner in Nashville, Tn. Every year our team works hard to welcome you to this special lunch and dinner. So get ready! Don’t forget to send our team your name and which time you will attend.


In our Portuguese programming we started a new series with Angelo Souza talking about the true follower of Jesus. An encouragement to people to truly seek God and surrender to His Lordship. We also continue our children’s series with Belize Patricia, this month talking about Easter. Regarding the theme of Easter, during the month of April we also have several programs dealing with Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and how He impacts our lives today.

Lunch and Dinner

Allen Dutton Jr., continues talking about the History of Israel this month we are in the prophets and the return after captivity. We finished the part talking about the kings in March. Another subject that we continue to talk about is the Encounters with Jesus written by Gayle Crowe.

During the month of March we received contacts from different parts of the world and I want to highlight some such as Japan, Chile, Argentina, India, Italy and the Philippines. Of course, we also received contacts from Brazil and I want to highlight the contact from Hudson Monteiro who said:

Hello Rádio Palavra Alegre, I am pleased to return my contact with your station to inform you that I continue listening to the programming and that I like all the programs.

On this occasion, I attach several reception reports that I would like, after being analyzed, if possible, to receive confirmations via the QSL CARD. I will be very grateful to receive them.

We also received it from Reginaldo Anunciação who said:

I’m here in Rio de Janeiro listening to the beloved broadcaster your wonderful messages.

In the last week of March the new broadcast period began and as a gift to our listeners we printed a new QSL card. This QSL is new for our Portuguese listeners, but I believe it has already been used in other seasons for other languages. I’m talking about QSL, which has the image of a small boat on a paradisiacal beach and brings an air of plenitude and peace.

Finally, here, we are working to bring new features to our app and our team has been working hard to implement and update both the app and our social networks and website.

God bless you all !