How good it is to celebrate birthdays, isn’t it? A friend’s birthday, a son’s birthday. Well, on the last 23rd of July we celebrated the 40th. anniversary of our Alaska broadcast station, KNLS. What a memorable moment!

Forty years transmitting and sharing God’s message, something of extreme importance and relevance.

Also on July 18th we had another opportunity to celebrate 40 years, this time with the team in Franklin, TN. The meeting was opened by President Andy Baker welcoming everyone. We also had a brief report from our former Chinese producer Edward Short. He worked for many, many years for the purpose of evangelism throughout China and other cities where there is an audience in that language. It was a very complete and enlightening historical account of how we got to where we are today.

We also had the opportunity to listen to one of the speakers, Charles Caudill, who shared about God’s care and how He has been always by with us during those 40 years. Charles also told us about WCB stories in which we could see the power of God at work and without Him nothing could be done. Finally, Charles concluded by emphasizing the importance the people involved with our program are for this incredible ministry.

Our 40th anniversary meeting was closed by President Andy Baker thanking all the staff that are part of this ministry, both in Franklin, Madagascar, Alaska and in every other country or city.

During the month of July we also sent more than 100 Qsl cards commemorating the 40th anniversary. We had a great reach during this month with our listeners through short waves, Whatsapp, App, now we are also on Alexa Brasil.

We received several emails from Brazil and also text messages from our listeners, I want to highlight our listener from Germany Jürgen Waga he said:

Dear friends,

I am pleased to inform you that your radio station can also be heard in Germany. Madagascar is an excellent place. So I hope the reception in Brazil is very good.

If my reception report can be accepted as correct, I would be very grateful if you could confirm it with your QSL card or by e-QSL. I hope my reception report interests you even if it is not from your target área.

José Carlos also emailed us and he told us:

I believe that this project came to the edification of many, thank you for existing.

We also continue recording with nutritionist Erika Meira, who has been contributing to our schedule every Sunday. Erika shares health tips, foods that contribute to a better quality of life.

We are also continuing our Israel History series with Allen Dutton Jr. At that moment reflecting on the conquest of the promised land. In addition, we are translating and recording Gayle Crowe’s texts on Encounters with Jesus.

Finally, Gisele Stefan continues recording the daily devotionals for women and Angelo records about The Family of God.

May God bless you all a great August to all.