We started the month of February, talking about the winners of our draw related to 5th anniversary of broadcasts in Portuguese. In recent days we have received many thanks from our listeners for the gifts sent. Marcílio who received the book Image of Radio, written by Antonio Argolo, sent us his photo with the book and also tagged us on Instagram . He said: “Thank you Rádio Palavra Alegre for the Christmas gift! Keep it up, valuing your public and with this valuable programming, taking the Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of Brazil and the world!”

Our frequent listener Renan also wrote to us thanking us for the promotional shirt He got. Interestingly, his wife Anaiza had also sent her name to participate in the draw and she won one of the radio devices from partner. They live in Bahia, Northeast Brazil.

Another winner of the book was Júnior Durico who lives in Rio de Janeiro. He said he got very happy cause won the book, because he already has several radio sets.

During the month of January we received contact from several countries such as Germany, Philippines , China , Spain and others . I want to highlight the contact of Hans from Germany, who was in Brazil and said:
“My name is Hans, I’m 66 years old and I’ve been interested in shortwave since 1971. My Portuguese isn’t very good, but I understand it a lot. In October I was in Brazil, São Paulo. This was actually a really cool experience.

I wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to your response.”We also received contact from Costa Rica, the listener’s name is Joan Coba, he received the Qsl card and sticker and put up their website. He thanked us and will continue to listen to us there
In our programming we continue with the Israel History Series with Allen Dutton jr, and with the Series The family of God with Ângelo Cristo.

We also continue the translations and recordings of the Encontro com Deus series written by Gayle Crowe. André Magaldi continues to help us with publicity and marketing work in social media . He has also been updating and helping us with all questions. related to our application.

Finally, we are very excited about the beginning of this year and the news that we will have during the year. God bless you all.