WGO-June 2022

I recently did an article talking about the considerable increase in people who have dedicated their time to listening to the radio. The content said that with the pandemic more people were looking for new ways to entertain themselves and pass the time. Interesting that Sanzer Caldas, one of our listeners, who I talked about in the previous article was one of those millions who discovered shortwave during pandemics. 

Reinforcing all this, Rádio Comercial de Portugal on its website contributed to this fact by talking about the growth of radio consumption throughout Europe, with greater emphasis on Portugal. On their website www.radiocomercial.iol.pt they say:

Radio consumption increased in Portugal in 2021, “growing from an accumulated audience of 55.8% to 59.3%”. This trend in the habit of listening to the radio “has also had an impact on the average time spent on this medium”, which has increased by six minutes a day, to an average of 1 hours and 10 minutes, according to the Media & Advertising Global Report 2021. 

Antonio Argolo - Listening the Palavra - cópia

The report also states that:

 Individuals between the ages of 35 and 44 are those with the highest affinity with the radio medium, recording audience levels 29% above average. 

The data of this news are so relevant that in our program on Saturdays, where we have a moment dedicated to Rádio Escuta presented by Danilo Nonato, we talk a little about it and how this increase has impacted radio listeners around the world. 

Another very interesting article is linked to the BBC in London, which started since the beginning of the War in Ukraine to direct programming to that country. On his website he says: 

The BBC said this week it would use radio frequencies that can travel long distances and be accessed by portable radios to broadcast its world service news in English for four hours a day in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, and in parts of Russia. 

According to the report, she said: 

Shortwave radio has been a useful vehicle for reaching listeners in conflict zones for decades. With the cut of several communication points in Ukraine, this means of communication by shortwave has more than doubled in the last few months. 

News like these reinforce the importance of communications and our shortwave transmissions that cover and reach the entire world. 

BBC-News - cópia

Also talking about our schedule, in the month of May we recorded the series on Finance in the light of the Bible with Nathan Zinck. We talk a little about examples, Bible verses and how we can balance our expenses and expenses to the point where we can have a better quality of life and financial balance.

These programs will be available to our listeners during this month of June on our broadcasts and also on our website.

Finally, we continued our series with Allen Dutton on the book of Revelation and we have had a good response. We also continue to publicize our new schedule on broadcasts, through emails, text messages via the Whatsapp app and also through social media. God bless you all .