Always when March arrives I get very happy that we can celebrate one more year from our station in Madagascar, Madagascar World Voice. This year we are celebrating its 8th anniversary. Congratulations MWV, and may God bless all the people who live there including our team in the country who also lives there. Please pray for the country’s government, climate in the country, so that there are no cyclones and also to control fires in the region.

During the month of March we will also continue our series on History of Israel with Allen Dutton Jr, this month talking about the divided Kingdom. Also in our programming we are continuing our series “The family of God” with Angelo Souza and “Encontros com Deus” written by Gayle Crowe.

In our children’s series, which is always broadcast on Sundays, Belize Patricia has been talking to our little ones about the book of Psalms. It’s been a great experience the inclusion of a children’s moment in our programming. On Saturdays We continue with our program about history, reporting and topics about waves shorts and radio listening with Danilo Nonato.

During the month of February we received several contacts from our listeners. we are still receiving thanks for the gifts on the 5th anniversary of our programming in Portuguese. Thales Oliveira said:

Good morning, the Peace of the Lord Jesus, I received the beautiful blouse today
that you sent me, it is very beautiful and looks great, thank you very much!”

Rafael Rosa from Rio de Janeiro said:

Thank you very much for sending the shirt, I loved the gift. Creating a bond on the Radio through listener loyalty is the recipe for success. Thanks!”

We also received contact from Luiz Maranhão who said:
Hello everyone, Today, 02/11/24, I tuned in to Palavra Alegre radio on 31 metros,precisely at 6 pm, Brasília time. I was very happy to listen to this radio blessed! Thanks!”

May God bless you all and a blessed month of March for everyone.